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Welcome to ARNA’s new website 


We have taken a big leap forward with our online offerings and we hope that you find the website a good source of information on rehabilitation nursing, clear and easy to navigate. 

The committee intends for this website to reflect all aspects of ARNA and its members. To help us achieve this we would like members to get involved by submitting photos illustrating the world of rehabilitation nursing in Australasia. We encourage you to send us any photos of your working life by following the steps below:

  1. Please be mindful of patients’ privacy and your company’s protocols
  2. Identify the people in the photo and where and when it was taken.
  3. Secure copyright from those shown in the photo – we cannot use any images without copyright. Please download the form you need to submit here.

ARNA’s annual national conference is looming large and we are all excited about heading to Darwin for 16-17 October. We have called for abstracts and they close on Friday 30th May. The presentation of abstracts (verbally and by poster) is a key aspect of the conference. They both inform and inspire those that see the presentations and develop the skills of those presenting on subjects that have meant so much to them.

This year there will be three awards presented at the conference – Best Research Prize, the Lizzie Schreurs Encouragement Prize and the Best Poster Prize.

We hope that you enjoy the new ARNA website. It will be constantly evolving and we welcome your comments throughout its journey.

Best regards,
ARNA National Committee