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Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) - The Commission leads and coordinates key improvements in safety and quality in health care across Australia. The Commission works in partnership with patients, carers, clinicians, the Australian, state and territory health systems, the private sector, managers and healthcare organisations to achieve a safe, high-quality and sustainable health system.


In July 2021, the ARNA Board was pleased to endorse the revised Delirium Clinical Care Standard (2021) developed by the ACSQHC.

Released in September 2021, the revised clinical care standard describes the key components of care that patients can expect when they have delirium. It supports the provision of high quality, evidence-based care. The goal of the standard is to improve the prevention of delirium in patients at risk and the early diagnosis and treatment of patients with delirium, so that the incidence, severity and duration of delirium are reduced.