Advancing nursing’s body of rehabilitation knowledge.

ARNA’s research grants provide financial assistance to ARNA members conducting research in line with ARNA’s research priorities.  

Grants may be offered by ARNA National and ARNA Chapters.

The grant may be used for:

  • salary replacement to allow the ARNA member to complete the research project or specific research activities;
  • employment of a research assistant (e.g. to collect and collate data);
  • payment for services from another department/organization e.g. health information services and transcription services;
  • contracting a statistician or other relevant expert;
  • administrative costs (e.g. photocopying, printing, postage, ethics application fees);
  • telecommunications costs including phone and videoconferencing;
  • travel and accommodation costs for the purpose of data collection; or
  • computer software

The funding support of an ARNA Research Grant must be acknowledged in all publications, presentations etc. resulting from research funded by ARNA.

Applying for a Grant

To apply, you must be a voting member of ARNA and have been a financial member for a minimum of two consecutive years prior to applying for a grant. 

Grants are awarded for an 18-month period from receipt of funding.  First-round applications close on 31 March. A second round of applications may occur, closing on 31 August if necessary. Successful applicants will be advised within 6 weeks of the close of applications. 

Applications are assessed by the ARNA National Research Working Group. Successful applicants will be advised within 6 weeks of the close of applications.




Previous Awardees


  • Kirsty Gray, "An exploration of the roles and perspectives of direct care neuro rehabilitation nurses on the process and actions of visual observation and safety monitoring for high risk brain injury patients", 2019
  • Murray Fisher & Julie Pryor, "Rehabilitation Nursing Interventions Project", 2018
  • Theresa Green, "Evaluation of a Rehabilitation Nurse Navigator Role, A Quality Improvement Project", 2018
  • Angela Davenport, "Nurse's Contribution to Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation", 2017