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ARNA Education Scholarship Fund

ARNA’s Education Scholarships provide financial assistance to help ARNA members to participate in education programs and international, national or local conferences and symposia relevant to rehabilitation nursing.

Funds may be used to cover registration fees, travel and accommodation costs.

Scholarships are offered by the ARNA National Committee and by ARNA Chapters.

First-round applications close on 31 March. A second round of applications may occur, closing on 31 July. Refer to the Application Guidelines for details of the conditions and application process.


University of Tasmania ARNA Member Scholarship Program

The  University of Tasmania and the Australasian Rehabilitation Nurses’ Association have partnered together to offer Postgraduate Nursing qualifications on a scholarship basis to ARNA members.

Under this scholarship, members can undertake a postgraduate nursing course specialising in Rehabilitation Nursing, with the University of Tasmania – and receive a 50% scholarship on your HECS fees (subject to eligibility). Under the ARNA Member Scholarship Program, you will be enrolled into the Bachelor of Nursing with Professional Honours (H4F) and will be able to graduate with a Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Specialisation H5F), or a Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Specialisation H6F).

This scholarship is designed for practicing nurses who would like to specialise in a field of healthcare and is suitable for nurses at various stages of their career.

The course is delivered part time and all units are fully online, providing you the flexibility required to balance work, study and family life.



How to apply

In order to apply for the Bachelor of Nursing with Professional Honours (H4F), you will need to be a Registered Nurse in Australia and have had at least six months full time experience in a relevant nursing practice within the last five years. To be eligible for the ARNA Member Scholarship, you will need to a current financial member of ARNA. Proof of membership will be required upon application to this program.  Please email the ARNA office for a proof of membership letter.

To learn more and apply to study in the ARNA Member Scholarship Program at the University of Tasmania, click the box below.