Position Statements

ARNA has developed a range of evidence-based position statements to communicate our position on a range of issues related to rehabilitation in nursing. Position statements are written by ARNA's expert committees and are based on the information and evidence available.

New information about NDIS

The ARNA Strategic Initiatives Sub-Committee has prepared a report with important and relevant information to assist you in undertanding current issues and provide useful information for rehabilitation nursing NDIS involvement and responsibilities. ARNA has also prepared a submission in response to the NDIS pricing review. If interested, you can also submit your views by emailing [email protected]

ARNA members can access the NDIS information here.

Other Position Statements - please contact us.
  • Undergraduate Nursing Curricula
  • Rehabilitation Nursing - Scope of Practice 2nd Edition
    • Nature of Rehabilitation Nursing
    • Roles and Functions of Rehabilitation Nursing
    • Provision of Rehabilitative Nursing Care Across Settings
    • Preparation for Rehabilitation Nursing Practice