Life Membership

From the ARNA Constitution (Sections 1.1 & 2.1)

1.1   Life Member is a recognition awarded by the National Committee in recognition of meritorious contribution and/or eminence in the field of rehabilitation nursing. (Pg. 4)
2.1    A Life Member has the same rights as an Ordinary Member but is not required to pay membership fees.

a) Criteria for life membership shall be as determined by the National Committee from time to time and may include period of ARNA membership, contribution to ARNA during that time, their period of service in rehabilitation nursing, excellence in clinical practice, leadership or education..
b) Any Association member may nominate a person for Life Membership but right of conferral is exercised at the discretion of the National Committee.(Pg. 6)

Guidelines for Awarding Life Membership

Nomination Process

  • Nominations for Life Membership are accepted from any Association member
    • It is asked that the Nominator prepare in writing a brief, not more than 200 words, description, explanation or biography as to why this nominee should be considered for life membership.Referring to the criteria in the constitution (1.1 & 2.1 as above)
    • This is directed to the National Secretary who will table it at the National Committee meeting for consideration. Email clearly titled as Nomination for Life Membership, Attention National Secretary.
  • Nominations can be made at any time before 30 July each year, to allow for consideration prior to the National Conference and AGM.
  • Upon a decision being made by the National Committee the Secretary will inform the Recipient and the Nominator in writing seeking their acceptance.

    A Maximum of One Life Membership will be awarded per year

  • The awarding of Life Membership will occur at the ARNA National Conference
  • The Nominator is given the opportunity to read at the National Conference the description, explanation or biography of why this recipient has been granted life membership. Or alternatively, the National President/delegate will perform this task
  • A certificate of Life Membership is presented to the recipient by the National President.
  • Then the Life Member is added to the Life Membership list


ARNA Membership Group - May 2016                Endorsed by the National Committee - August 2016

Reviewed by National Committee - September 2018