Application Guidelines

To be considered, applications must comply with the following instructions.

Applications are to be submitted as a Word document, along with any necessary Attachments. Use Arial font, size 12, and single spacing. Provide information in the following order (identified by a,b,c, 1,2,3, etc.)

Cover Page (titled ARNA <National or Name of Chapter > Research Grant Application)

  1. Name:
  2. Address:
  3. Email:
  4. Contact numbers (home, work, mobile):
  5. Qualifications and when awarded and the awarding institution:
  6. Position held:
  7. Organisation:
  8. Financial member of ARNA since:
  9. Have you previously received any ARNA grants or scholarship/s? If so, please provide details including a copy of your report.
  10. Name of the research project you are seeking funding for:
  11. Name of any co-researchers on the project:
  12. Details of your role on the project team:
  13. Details of the total project budget:
  14. Amount requested:
  15. Details of any other funding sought for this event/activity:


Following Pages

  1. Details of the research project you are currently conducting or plan to conduct (including research question/aims; design; methods; timeline and budget)
  2. Details of progress to date if the project is currently underway
  3. Details of your contribution to the conduct of the research
  4. A brief justification (maximum 500 words) for why this research needs to be conducted
  5. Details of how your research project fits with one or more of ARNA’s research priority areas or questions (maximum 250 words)
  6. A brief curriculum vitae (CV). Highlight positions held in the last five years; conference presentations, publications and grants in the past three years; conference and symposia attended in the past three years; participation in education and in-service in the past two years
  7. Plans for dissemination of the research results/findings.
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