Report Guidelines

The terms of your ARNA Research Training Scholarship require you to submit an annual progress report. This report may be published in JARNA or the ARNA newsletter.

Please use the following guidelines to submit your report by 1 November each year of your scholarship. Submit to the ARNA office,, using ‘ARNA Research Training Scholarship Report’ as the subject of the email.

Cover Page (titled ARNA Research Training Scholarship Report)

  1. Name:
  2. Qualifications:
  3. Position:
  4. Organisation:
  5. Address:
  6. Email:
  7. Name of the research training degree you are enrolled in:
  8. Name of university where you are enrolled:
  9. Date of commencement of that enrolment:
  10. Expected completion date of that degree:
  11. Date of commencement of your ARNA Research Training Scholarship:
  12. Duration of your ARNA Research Training Scholarship (presuming all Scholarship requirements are met):

Following Pages

  1. Evidence of ongoing enrolment and acceptable progression through the program of study
  2. Name of your research project
  3. Details of your research question and/or aims
  4. Overview of progress within the past 12 months relative to milestones on project timeline (maximum 500 words), noting any deviations from the initial timeline and including rationale for the deviations; in the event of deviations a revised timeline should be included
  5. Key results/findings if the research is completed or preliminary result/findings
  6. Plans for dissemination of the research results/findings