Research Training Scholarship

ARNA offers Research Training Scholarships to support members undertaking a research degree (Bachelor Honours, Masters or PhD) at a university in line with ARNA’s research priorities as advertised at

The Scholarship will be:

  • a single payment of $5,000 for Bachelor Honours;
  • $5,000 annual for 2 years for a research based Master’s qualification (the research project must be equivalent to a minimum of I year full time enrolment); and
  • $5,000 annually for 3 years for a PhD.

Applications are invited from new or continuing students. For continuing students the value of scholarships may not be the full amount; this will depend on the length of the applicant’s remaining period of candidature and progress at time of application.

Scholarship holders may convert from a Master’s degree to a PhD. In these cases, consideration may be given to extending the period of the scholarship for another year.

Eligibility criteria

All the following eligibility criteria must be met:

  • Financial member of ARNA for a minimum of 2 consecutive years at the time of application for the scholarship
  • Must be a Registered Nurse
  • Must be eligible for enrolment in a research degree (Bachelor Honours, Masters or PhD) at time of application
  • Must be enrolled in a research degree (Bachelor Honours, Masters or PhD) to take up the scholarship

Holders of other scholarships (such as Australian Postgraduate Award [APA]) are not excluded from applying for an ARNA Research Training Scholarship.


The following criteria apply to all scholarship holders:

  • The scholarship holder must commence the scholarship by the date stipulated in the letter of offer.
  • The scholarship holder must remain a financial membership of ARNA for the duration of the scholarship.
  • The scholarship holder must remain enrolled for the full duration of the scholarship and demonstrate satisfactory annual progress.
  • The scholarship holder must provide ARNA an annual progress report while in receipt of a scholarship. This report may be published in JARNA or the ARNA newsletter.
  • The scholarship holder must immediately inform ARNA of any change to their enrolment, including change in attendance pattern, suspension, withdrawal or change of program.
  • Scholarship holders may apply for a suspension of up to 12 months during their candidature; during this time scholarship payments will be suspended.

If any of these conditions are not met, ARNA reserves the right to terminate a scholarship and may seek recovery of the funds.

ARNA also requires:

  • A minimum of 1 presentation at an ARNA national conference;
  • A minimum of 1 manuscript submitted to JARNA for peer review either during candidature or within 3 months of completion of the degree; and
  • An acknowledgement of ARNA’s funding support in all presentations, publications and commercialisation.


  • Each year as part of the budget work up, the National Committee will include in the budget an allocation of funds for Research Training Scholarships
  • Following this, the National Committee will decide and minute the number of Research Training Scholarships that can be supported in that financial year
  • The allocated number of Research Training Scholarships will be updated on the ARNA website annually with an announcement that applications are now being received
  • The closing dates for applications is 1 November annually
  • Applications must adhere to the Application Guidelines, otherwise they will not be considered.
  • All Research Training Scholarship applications will be emailed as an attachment to the ARNA office,, by 4pm on the due date using ‘Research Training Scholarship Application’ as the subject of the email. The ARNA office will forward each application to members of the Research Working Group.
  • Assessment of applications will be undertaken by the Research Working Group, who will forward recommendations to the National Committee. The decisions of the National Committee will be final.
  • Applicants will be notified of outcomes within six weeks of the closing date.
  • Successful applicants must provide feedback in the form of an annual progress report as per the Report Guidelines. This report may be published in JARNA or the ARNA Newsletter.

Selection Criteria

  • Only applications that meet the eligibility criteria and adhere to the Application Guidelines will be considered.
  • Applications will be judged on their fit with ARNA’s research priorities, their potential to enhance rehabilitation nursing knowledge and practice, and their potential to improve the processes and outcomes of patient care.
  • Applications will be judged on their overall quality.